Why A Rose Bear?

Millions of people around the world as you read this are looking for a special gift for on occasions like anniversaries, weddings, baby showers. And are probably getting frustrated as they want to find something different other than a floral arrangement, which is great but they may have already gifted this.

So this is why we recommend considering our Rose Bears for any occasion you are requiring to make special!

What is a Rose Bear?

Its simple, a rose teddy bear made of styrofoam body coated with amazing to touch and feel faux roses. This comes together to make a bear made of roses which is guaranteed to please its receiver. It looks cute and amazing from the first site and is the most unique floral gift to be gifting to your special somebody!

How Long Does It Last?

A Rose Bear is made of faux roses which means this is a forever rose teddy bear that lasts as long as you look after and requires no care whatsoever. Just place it in your desired spot and enjoy the cuteness forever - remembering the day it was given to you, everyday.

Why A Rose Bear?

Look, we all know flower bouquets are great and beautiful and can be as big as colourful and expensive as we want. But the only downside is that flowers no matter how big and expensive, have am expiry date which is usually a week or so after the day you gift to someone which means of course its not a gift for life. Where as a rose teddy bear really is, making the occasion last as long as ever!

When gifting somebody, it should be special, unique and different then everyone else. No one wants to turn up to a birthday party handing over the same gift as the person standing next to you, right?

Thats why we introduced the Rose Bears and we offer customisations and gift messages to make the bear made of flowers even more personal.

Take a closer look at our Rose Bear Collection and make a decision yourself on how adorable they are.



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