What your Woman ACTUALLY Wants To Get This Valentine's Day

What your Woman ACTUALLY Wants To Get This Valentine's Day

We all know it as the most Romantic Day of the year when men all over the world are looking for hotels, red roses, chocolates and time for lots of love to be shared with their other half. Hands down though, a lot of women for them the best part of Valentine’s Day is seeing their man’s love in action. The little extras we get on that day more than any other, because you're more conscious and aware of expressing yourself. Hand holds, deeper kisses, outdoor walks, love letters; we’re sensitive to that stuff.

The girl you decide to spend your Valentines with, believe me feels special and it’s important to understand that because she will know that you chose her to be your valentine and should be grateful for that.

Make Her Feel Desired

 Look, relationships are tough. We all know that routine has its toll on our relationships and a kiss on the way out the front door as you tell her you love her, just doesn’t cut it enough to keep her love for you growing. It’s this routine that is the romance killer which ruins the whole love/intimacy being exciting and thrilling.

But wait, this doesn’t mean you can’t change that, and this is your chance to do so by changing things around which will really pay off and go a long way for your relationship. We all like the comfort, routine and stability but hey come on both sides of the relationship want to feel the excitement, spark and have the need for a great sex life throughout the relationship.

Don’t worry, these things are achievable more so by the little things rather than the big things in life. Flowers, roses, chocolates along with candles help bring the mood into your setting but it’s about going that step further and showing your woman how much, you appreciate and love her – which making her feel appreciated and beautiful is going to do it. All of this naturally and with heart put together will remind her of why she chose you from the start.

Women want you to want to spend time with them.

Doesn’t seem like much to ask does it? That’s what we would like to think, but the truth is the most of us don’t spend as much time with our other halves as we could and being under the same roof as each other for the whole evening doesn’t necessarily mean spending time together if were both sitting on our phones staring and scrolling through hundreds of pointless profiles and photos of others who aren’t under the same roof. Take this Valentines as an opportunity to make it just about the two of you with no plans with anybody else! Count yourself as booked from the very morning until the early hours of the next morning when for sure you’ll be performing at your best with her of course.

Remember, keep that smartphone out of sight!

Women want you to looking good and without the ear hairs. 

Come on guys, get a haircut every so often with a bit of man grooming and perhaps a new shirt from time to time. As well as your great personality, every girl wants a sexy man and you need to be exactly that! J.

Roses, Roses and Roses

Now, this is the part where we at The Luxury Box London will do just a tiny bit of pitching to you as we do believe we have exclusive and special gifts for exactly occasions like this. We know what a lot of women love, and we help you gift them correctly.

What else do women want on Valentines? Well on most days it’s hard to know what they want or are nagging on about BUT on Valentines, damn just make sure you get some Roses in.

We specialise in the Eternity Roses & The Rose Bear and even better, our Eternity Roses are different from your normal rose as they undertake a special process which enables them to last 1-3 years and they are REAL roses too! Yeah, I know, crazy right?

We also specialise in the Rose Bear, which if you haven’t heard of before you really must just take a look real quick over here.

If roses are part of your plan, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. Treat her to roses that won’t be thrown away a week after the best night of her year! She will look over at her Rose bear or Eternity Roses and remember that special day, every day.

Ok, enough of the pitching to you. Let’s move on...

Year after year, there are expectations and fulfilments we as men want to surpass to keep our other half or mistresses smiling and feeling special.

It’s a fact that gifting flowers including big rose bouquets to women sets of smiles and appreciation and we are all doing it around the world on Valentine’s Day, some people are happy with one rose whereas others prefer hundreds scattered over the house, beds and perhaps the new shiny car that was bought for her as a gift.  

Me, personally when it comes to finding the perfect gift and surprises for my other half, I seem to go blank, seems as if I have no idea what she really likes and what would really surprise her. It comes to my knowledge that indeed my other half would just appreciate me being off work in the evening on valentines to just be available for a simple dinner and a night in the bedroom behind closed doors to get intimate.

You’re probably reading this thinking ‘yeah that’s what we all want right’? Well this isn’t the case for everyone; some of you guys I am sure have to really work hard to come up with surprise locations, restaurants and exclusive luxury gifts for their beautiful woman which is fine and great. So, get it together, plan ahead and make this the best Valentine’s day, not only for her but also yourself. Make it magical!

We love our woman and we appreciate all that they for us, so this is our chance to now show them that appreciation.

Look, you all know your partners better than I do but keeping things simple sometimes gives you a chance to really use yourself and your character and imagination to put together a beautiful day/night.

Good luck guys and please do comment if you have any ideas, suggestions or additional points you want us to consider adding to this article.



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