Infinity Rose Box for Halloween Home Decor. The perfect gift for Halloween lovers.

Everyone knows a lover of Halloween and all-things-spooky and if you can’t think of one, it’s probably you. If you’re looking for a new unique addition to your Halloween home decor collection, or perhaps an unforgettable gift for your Halloween fan friend, here are the best ideas of Infinity Roses Boxes for Halloween.


Why choose Infinity Roses as Halloween Home Decoration?


Every Halloween holiday we spend good money on home decoration that either needs to be binned (pumpkins), goes out of style or ends up in our storage for the rest of the year. Choosing Eternity Roses in a box as halloween home decoration (or as gifts for halloween lovers) is an investment for years to come that will make you smile every day, not just for a few weeks. Firstly, our eternity roses last for years and need no maintenance. Infinity Roses are natural roses that go through a preservation process ensuring they will last for up to three years, with no water needed. Secondly, Infinity Rose Boxes are an elegant home decoration addition that will look good every day of the year. An All Black Eternity Rose Box will look spooky on halloween with decorative spiders around, but it will look even better as an elegant centrepiece to your dinner table every day of the year. If you are interested in what different rose colour symbolise outside Halloween, click here to read our article.


1. Orange Infinity Roses in Black Box

Orange infinity roses in black box gift for halloween lovers home decoration

This Eternity Rose Box probably needs no explanation- Orange and Black have been the most popular colours for Halloween for the longest time. In fact, they have been present in Halloween celebrations for over a century. The orange infinity roses are a symbol of the changing season, reminding us of the beautiful autumn leaves and, of course, pumpkins. But more importantly, orange is the primary halloween colour as it is associated with fire which was believed to provide warmth and protection during the festival of Samhain Celtic. Black represents darkness and the mix of the two can be interpreted as the safety of the fire (orange infinity roses) against darkness (the black box in which the preserved roses are placed).



2. Orange Infinity Roses in White Box

orange infinity roses in white box gift for halloween lovers home decoration

White has been associated with the celebration of Halloween more recently and it is commonly used in more high-end Halloween home decorations. White is the colour of ghosts and it is a fortunate choice for Halloween home decoration as it creates an amazing contrast with many other colours associated with the holiday (especially orange and red). The white round box in which our orange infinity roses are placed really make the colour of the flowers to pop in a beautiful way.


3. White Infinity Roses in White Boxwhite infinity roses in white box gift for halloween lovers home decoration

If you like your home decoration in more neutral tones, the White Eternity Roses in White Box are the perfect choice. The White Eternity Roses in a box also make a great option as gifts for special occasions as when it comes to colours, you cannot go wrong with white. Paired with some decorative spider webs this Infinity Rose Box will look like the ghost of an Infinity Rose Box :)


4. Black Infinity Roses in Black Box

black infinity roses in black box gift for halloween lovers home decoration

A choice that will match any Halloween home decoration theme, this All Black Eternity Rose Box will be a statement piece for your home. Moreover, same as the all White Infinity Rose Box, this would make a great choice as a gift for Halloween lovers as they can pair it with any other popular Halloween colours of their choice. Dark and mysterious, the Black Infinity Roses in a box are the perfect flower arrangement embodiment of the Halloween spirit. 


5. Red Infinity Roses in White Box

red infinity roses in white box gift for halloween lovers home decoration

In Halloween symbolism, red is a symbol of life and mortality and it is also a popular colour choice in Halloween home decorations as it is a primary colour of the autumn season. These Red Infinity Roses really stand out contrasting the white of the handcrafted box beautifully. So if your friend’s Halloween home decoration theme revolves around red, this is the perfect gift for her birthday.


If you want to play with colours and create the perfect Infinity Roses arrangement for your special occasion, you can now create your own Eternity Rose Box on our website. Click here to customise your preserved roses arrangement- you can choose one or any two colours of infinity roses, as well as your preferred colour for the luxurious handcrafted box they are placed in. You can mix any two colours of forever roses that last for years to send the right message to your loved one on your special occasion. And don’t forget to add a complimentary message to express your feelings or congratulate them on any new beginnings. If you would like to personalise your Infinity Rose Box by choosing more than two colours of preserved roses, or want a specific ribbon colour on your preserved rose box, you can easily contact us on the contact us page on our website, email us at or call us on 020 3488 3413 and we will do our best to cater for your needs.


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