How To Choose The Perfect Rose Colour For Your Loved One. The Meaning Of Rose Colours.

Roses are red, violets are blue… but actually roses can be found in so many different colours, naturally or dyed, that it can be a tough decision to choose one, especially if you are trying to decide on a flower arrangement for a special occasion. 

Whether you are looking to buy some roses for your wife for your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day, or for your mother as a birthday gift or mother’s day present, it can be an overwhelming decision with so many options of rose colours. Let us help make that decision easier by presenting you the key things to consider when choosing the perfect infinity rose box for your loved one: rose colour meanings, personal preferences and surrounding areas.


Rose colour meanings

First, we will have a look at what each rose colour’s meaning is. Each rose colour has its own meaning which can vary from love to loyalty, friendship and even mourning. So if you are trying to decide on the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers, Wedding anniversary flowers or any other special occasion gifts, let this article help you narrow down your choices and once you’ve made your decision choose our reliable UK online flower delivery service to send your loved one the perfect infinity rose box anywhere in the world. 


Red rosesred infinity roses in a box that last a year

The most popular colour choice for roses is red roses and for a good reason, as they signify romantic love, passion and desire. As roses are the number one flower choice for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, proposals, wedding anniversary or just simply to say “I love you” through some flowers for your wife, it is no wonder that the most popular rose colour is red roses. They are an elegant and classy choice and paired with a romantic message card or a bottle of wine, they make the perfect Valentine’s Day or Wedding Anniversary gift. Red roses are perfect to remind your romantic partner of your deep-love for them as well as for your first “I love you”. You can see all our red infinity rose boxes here. On our website, you can also add a free message card with your infinity rose box to express your love and admiration to your partner.


White roseswhite infinity roses in a box that last a year

Signifying purity, innocence and new beginnings, white roses are the perfect choice to say “Congratulations” or to simply show your care for someone special. White roses are also considered a “bridal flower”, but they are also an amazing colour choice for a blooming romance if you do not want to go too far with the deep-love and passion of the red roses. Celebrate your loved ones' new beginnings by sending them a White Infinity Rose Box together with a complimentary card by visiting our website by clicking here. White roses are the perfect flowers for your loved ones as a new home gift, newborn baby gift, graduation flowers, new job gift, goodbye gift, newly married gift or to celebrate any other new beginnings.


Pink Rosespink infinity roses in a box that last a year

Also loved by our customers for their romantic partners on special days like Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries, the pink roses are an even more popular choice as Mother’s Day flowers and baby shower and new baby gifts. But what makes pink roses an amazing choice for such a variety of special occasions? Their meaning. Pink roses are associated with joy, happiness, appreciation, gratitude and grace. Pink eternity roses are perfect to say “thank you for everything you are doing for me and the joy you bring into my life” or simply to mark a happy moment in someone’s life. And what is a better new baby girl gift than a pink roses flower arrangement? Shop our Pink Infinity Rose Boxes here to express your gratitude and joy for your loved ones.


Black rosesblack infinity roses in a box that last a year

Although pure black roses do not grow naturally in nature, they have a long history and symbolism in different cultures. Pure black roses can only be obtained through dyeing, resulting in a beautiful luxurious velvety black. Although from modern culture (literature, television, video games, anime, films and music) the black rose was associated with somber emotions such as revenge, death and dying love, vampires and dark souls, the black rose has a deeper and surprisingly more positive meaning. Yes, black roses signify the end or death of something meaningful in life, but this is just half of the story, as black roses also signify the birth of something new. Symbolising rebirth or major change, black roses represent optimism and hope and they are also the perfect choice to communicate eternal love. Moreover, black infinity roses look extremely elegant and luxurious …and who doesn’t love black? So think outside the box and general assumptions and choose black infinity roses to say “you got this” to your friend who just got a new job or say congratulations on your friend’s new house with a flower arrangement that will fit beautifully in any room. Shop our Infinity Black Rose Boxes here and don’t forget to add a free message with your flower gift.


Yellow roses

yellow infinity rose round box that last a year

Bright and cheerful, yellow roses are one of the happiest rose colours available and they are the perfect choice for your friend as yellow roses symbolise friendship. Use our flower delivery service by clicking here to send a beautiful Yellow Infinity Rose Box to you friend as a Galentine’s Day gift or just to say “You are a great friend!”. If you are looking for flowers for girlfriend or wife, yellow roses might not be the best choice as they can symbolise jealousy in a romantic relationship. Unless, of course, she just loves yellow roses and they will make her happy.


Orange roses

orange infinity roses in a box that last a year

Orange roses signify fascination, passion, desire, attraction and enthusiasm. Orange roses are generally considered having a romantic meaning, thus they are great flowers for romantic occasions. Think outside the box and try something different and choose orange infinity roses for Valentine’s Day or surprise your wife with orange flowers for wedding anniversary or as a birthday gift. As red roses signify love and passion and yellow roses signify friendship, you can think of orange roses as a bridge between the two and choose them to communicate that you want to take things to the next level. They are the perfect “will you be my girlfriend?” flowers gift. Click here to see and shop our Orange Infinity Roses and don’t forget to add a complimentary message that will be delivered with your flowers for your special occasion.



Blue rosesblue infinity roses in a box that last a year

Blue roses are not found in nature which is probably why they are not generally associated with many occasions. However, they symbolise the mysterious and unattainable, making the perfect flower arrangement to send as a secret admirer. And, of course, Blue Infinity Roses are a very popular choice as a new baby boy gift. Choose blue roses as an elegant “it’s a boy!” gift delivered right to their door.


Personal PreferenceFlowers delivery as gifts for her birthday and wedding anniversary flowers that last a year

Probably the most important factor to consider when deciding on the colour of infinity roses for your loved one is their personal preference. Yes, each rose colour is associated with certain feelings and moments in our lives and it has been like this for a long time in our cultures and traditions. However, considering the preferences and taste of your loved one is more important than the meaning associated with the colour of the roses. For example, if red infinity roses are considered the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day gifts, but your romantic partner doesn’t like red, then it will not be the perfect choice for her and can even be considered a careless choice showing her that you do not care about her preferences. If she has told you in the past she does not like a certain colour, try your best to avoid it and you will show her that you listened and put time and effort in choosing her gift, which is the most important. On the other hand, if the meaning of yellow roses or black roses is not really the perfect one for your special occasion, but you know she loves yellow or she is a black-lover, forget about general assumptions and go for it. Nothing is more fitting as a gift for your girlfriend or wife than something she specifically mentioned she likes. This being said, choosing the colour of the infinity roses based on their meaning in relation to the special occasion is an amazing way to guide you and inspire you when you do not know your loved one’s personal preferences or when they simply do not have one, when they love any colour of roses. Otherwise, the person you are choosing the flower arrangement for will not care about the meaning of the colour of roses if they are their favourite colour. So always prioritise your loved one’s preferences over the cultural meanings and symbols of rose colours.


Surrounding areas

preserved infinity roses in a box that last a year as home decor

If you have followed the two steps above and you still haven’t reached a decision on what roses to get for your special occasion, there is another simple step: think about their home or office or wherever you think the Infinity Rose Box will be placed and ask yourself what colours will look best in that room. Matching the colours of the flower arrangement with the home decor (or office for that matter) is an easy way to decide on the right colours to choose for the Infinity Rose Box. Do they have some red accents? Red Preserved Roses in a black, white or even grey box will look great. Is their primary colour grey with pink accents? Pink Infinity Roses in Grey Rose Box will match perfectly! Is their house elegant and dark, maybe a black-lover heaven? Choose our Black Infinity Roses in Black Rose Box or Black Eternity Roses in Pink Rose Box for a more playful take. Or maybe some yellow eternity roses will match perfectly with their joyful yellow office chair. The choices are endless and your flower arrangement will show that you put some thought in making the right choice.


Create your own Eternity Rose Box: mix and match

pink and white preserved eternity roses in a box that last a year

If you want to play with colours and create the perfect Infinity Roses arrangement for your special occasion, you can now create your own Eternity Rose Box on our website. Click here to customise your preserved roses arrangement- you can choose one or any two colours of infinity roses, as well as your preferred colour for the luxurious handcrafted box they are placed in. You can mix any two colours of forever roses that last for years to send the right message to your loved one on your special occasion. And don’t forget to add a complimentary message to express your feelings or congratulate them on any new beginnings. If you would like to personalise your Infinity Rose Box by choosing more than two colours of preserved roses, or want a specific ribbon colour on your preserved rose box, you can easily contact us on the contact us page on our website, email us at or call us on 020 3488 3413 and we will do our best to cater for your needs.

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