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About The Luxury Box London® 

The Luxury Box London specialise in Roses That Last A Year or more depending on the care given following our guidelines. We source the best quality roses that are grown in ideal conditions to produce the ideal rose when cut at their peak.
Once cut, we put the roses through a unique pigmentation process that transforms the rose into a long lasting rose.
The Roses we use can stay fresh for longer then usual due to the process that they undertake to prolong their beauty. The roses are dehydrated and treated with natural oils and non-toxic wax formulas that is similar to silica which are then dried out, resulting in the eternity rose.
We then carefully place our roses in to our hand-crafted hat boxes to form beautifully designed floral arrangements that suit all types of occasions and locations from weddings, valentines gifts, birthday gifts and hotel decorations.
What sets our roses to be different and unique from the normal roses is that they last up to and more then a year depending on the care given to them which is minimal. They require light dusting from time to time and they hold their colours longer if kept out of direct sunlight; our Eternity Roses require no watering.
We set on this process of bringing our long lasting roses to customers who also feel that roses should last longer then a week, which is when they would normally have to be thrown away. However with the special and clever process our roses undertake, this is no longer the case and the roses can be enjoyed for long periods of time.


What are preserved roses?

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